problem solving gambling and online football betting

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Problem solving , gambling in Thailand will be gone if opening a casino or football betting is legal. If it is open to the law, there will be no need to catch anything and make it messy. I’m not sure if opening it right can make the economy of Thailand good. Because we only look at its disadvantages, it does not tell the advantages.

Looking at the country where they are prosperous and have opened a casino legally, it will not have a serious impact at all. But it should enact a law to protect gamblers not to play too much or the law that they can play no more than 8 hours. And who can get it must have a salary slip. Try to get it to get rid of the poor entering the casino ยูฟ่าเบท

Then all the income is divided about 5 percent of the total income is government tax, 5 percent is divided to help the poor, about 2 percent, the other 3 percent, to develop the country. This just might make Thailand have better finances because the profit from the casino is quite high. All of them come from tourism from all over the world. Just think about our country and then just do it. But it’s up to the government to agree or not. It’s like Buri. I know it’s bad, but there are still people who smoke. Gambling as well, knowing it’s not good, still playing it, making it legal. End the problem. You don’t have to worry.